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1 year old Kid Birthday Party Locations Ideas

Your little 1-year-old baby birthday party can be held at home, at a kid-friendly location, or at a venue that adults will enjoy as well. In this article, an event planning expert and other moms provide their best ideas for baby birthday party venues — as well as what to consider when deciding where to host your child’s first party.

Don’t Forget to Consider the Guest List for Birthday

“If you are planning to invite family or friends with older children, it is important to choose a venue that allows activities for kids in that age range. The idea of having a party at a local park is always fun since there are recreational areas and areas where older children can play.

In many cities, there are fantastic kid-friendly places that specialize in kids’ parties — such as My Gym or Giggles ‘N’ Hugs.

10 First Birthday Celebration Ideas in India | Photojaanic

These establishments are one of my favorites because they don’t require any cleaning or pickup by the host! The personal, intimate feel of a party at home is always a plus in my book! If you are hosting a smaller event, a party at home is perfect.” — Gina Wade, entertaining and lifestyle expert and event planner with Gina Wade Creative.

Stay Home and Enjoy the Birthday Part at Home

“You don’t need to spend a fortune on the baby’s first birthday. They just want to eat the wrapping paper anyway!”

Stay Blessed and Keep It Simple

“Don’t go overboard with your first birthday party when your child may not even be walking yet. If possible, host it at your home or in a park. It’s easy to go overboard because you’re so excited to have made it through the first year — as you should be! — but save that party money for when they’ll really enjoy the celebration.”

Book a Hall or Restaurant

It would be best to choose a restaurant or a more formal setting if it’s mostly adults — which is common for the first birthday. A kid-friendly venue like a park or kids’ gym might be the best choice if the birthday boy or girl has older siblings or many cousins and friends. It was actually a hall that we used between the two.

The event was held at our local Sons of Italy Club; a VFW or church hall would work as well. Face painting was done by my teenage cousin and my brothers played guitar for the children. Because the majority of guests were adults, we had a large food selection and drinks set up.

Park or Event Space Can also be a Good Choice

“I like a party at a park (especially one where you can rent a pavilion); a small event space (it doesn’t need to be fancy because it’s easy to decorate for the first birthday — think firehouse, church hall, Elks Club); or a private room at a restaurant.”

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