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7 Must-have Korean Matte Foundations for All Skin Types

Korea is far ahead of many countries in terms of beauty and skincare products due to its top components and creative products. Now is the moment to give the country the attention it deserves in the cosmetics business. Let’s have a look at some of the best Korean foundations that are skin-friendly and suitable for all skin types.

This skincare-infused foundation is a multi-tasking solution that blurs uneven skin, acts as a primer, and covers all pores. It contains hyaluronic acid and gleaming peptides and combats your all-day screen time with blue light protection. This foundation was created with warm, neutral, and cold undertones in mind.

  • Black Foundation By Hera

This Hera Black Foundation is essential, specifically if you have oily skin. The beautiful thing about this foundation is that it provides a smooth matte finish despite having a silky velvety feel. Given that Korean foundations often have few color variants, the fact that this foundation has 12 wide tones is unquestionably a plus. This foundation is a living heaven for people with oily skin 

  • Etude House Face Blur

The amazing 3-in-1 Etude House Face Blur product provides your face with a bright look without feeling heavy. It hides pores and rough skin and gives the skin a perfect appearance. In addition to protecting against the sun’s rays, it also smooths and softens the skin.

  • Iope Perfect Cover Foundation 

This is another long-lasting foundation with buildable coverage for that natural Korean skin appearance without unpleasant oiliness. It has a Ceramide Cover Powder composition with oil-absorbing qualities to keep your face fresh all day. Furthermore, it has SPF 25, giving it an ideal foundation and sunblock at the same time.

  • Clio Kill Cover Matte Foundation

The Clio Kill Cover Matte foundation has a 54-hour wear time. It does not dry out or damage the skin; rather, it leaves a smooth matte finish that is feather-light no matter what and feels pleasant. It contains an extremely long-lasting composition that is impervious to smearing, heat, perspiration, humidity, and smudging. 

  • The Face Shop Fmgt Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit 

It’s always a plus to find a foundation that works well with oily and troubled skin while still providing adequate protection. This one from The Face Shop has dual-action capabilities: It has whitening properties and an SPF of 30. It also contains red and blue pigments, which assist to brighten dull skin.

  • Quicksand Cushion BB Cream Foundation

With its BB cream composition, Quicksand foundation illuminates your skin. It contains 70% plant extracts, which assist to retain moisture and alleviate skin dryness. This foundation is suitable for all skin tones and provides a strong base for hydrating.

Final thoughts 

Korean foundations are the best all across the globe. The ones we have summarized here are the best of all times. You can choose one according to your skin preferences and experience another level of beauty. Head towards Sensoo Skincare to buy all kinds of K-beauty products at discounted prices! 

Do You Necessarily Have To Do 10-14 Steps?

 With our busy routines, the idea of doing a skincare routine that consists of 10-14 steps can be a real downer. But the good news is that you don’t have to apply 10-14 layers of skincare on your face. The trick is to understand your skin, nourish it, moisturize it and keep it hydrated and protected. Now it is up to you which steps you wish to keep and which steps to miss. Let’s start with the basic things you need to do.

Start With Thorough Cleaning

In order to start any kind of skin routine, you need to make sure your skin is clean in the first place. Since our environment and lifestyle expose us to a lot of dirt and dust particles in the air, this is why it is important to cleanse your skin with a light cleanser preferably with a pH of 5 which keeps the skin balanced. The original Korean Skincare routine consists of two to three steps of cleansing.

Hydration is A Must!

Koreans emphasize skin hydration and the reason for that is that well-nourished and hydrated skin makes fine lines, and imperfections disappear and it makes the skin look more plump and fresh. Hydration also adds a natural glow to the skin and removes acne which means you won’t have to wear a lot of makeup to hide imperfections.

The beauty routine that has taken the world by storm is the Korean Beauty routine. While many would think it is a normal skincare routine with maybe a few additional products, in reality, this is one of the lengthiest skincare and beauty routines we have seen in a while. Korean Skincare for beginners can be a short version of the real Korean beauty routine because the real one consists of 10 to 14 detailed steps. 

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