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Hi, I am Clara Parker. I like to watch Japanese Anime. I have watched over 350 animes. And rewatched a few long shows half a dozen times. Through my content, I will provide an honest and genuine review of each anime series.

Anime Symbols Guide: 15 Things You Need to Know

It's no secret that anime is popular. The story and the characters are not what makes Gen Z kids so obsessed with it. To...

Anime Matching PFP for Friends and Couples (Complete Collection)

Having anime matching PFPs with your couples or best friend is such a cute feeling. As anime usually features a great deal of detail,...

Who is the Tiny Giant In Haikyū!!?

The Little Giant in the Haikyū Series' real name is Tenma Udai. He quit playing volleyball after high school and is now a mangaka...

What does Haikyuu Mean? (Original Meaning of Haikyuu)

A Japanese animation shows a high school volleyball team named Haikyu. Let's talk about some kanji stuff I noticed. What does Haikyuu Really Mean: "Haikyu means...

Haikyuu: Main Character’s Age, Height, Anime, and Birthday

Although Karasuno High takes centre stage for the entirety of the series, Haikyuu!! is just as much about the home team's relationships as it...

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