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Benefits of Studying under the Montessori Preschool curriculum in the Best Schools in Noida

Preschool curriculum

The Montessori preschool curriculum is based on the well-known Montessori Method of teaching. It is a teaching method in which pupils learn through self-directed activities. 

The resources utilised in the learning process are self-correcting in the sense that they provide immediate feedback on the student’s performance. 

The Montessori method in the best schools in Noida employs a classroom layout in which pupils have adequate space to roam around freely and participate in activities that interest them. Students in Noida schools are taught utilising the global Montessori Plus model. 

Our Montessori preschool uses the methodology to give pupils comprehensive learning. The programme combines traditional and modern learning approaches to provide children with unique learning opportunities as they grow and develop.


‍Montessori Curriculum Foundations

1. ‘Excelerate’ Program

This curriculum focuses on improving students’ core reading abilities while also ensuring excellence. It teaches using an individualized method. As a result, students have become quick and eager learners. 

Because the curriculum aims to assist students to improve their language skills, it includes activities such as reading, speaking, listening, and writing. It also allows kids to improve their numeracy skills by using engaging math activities and games.

2. Learning with Multiple Perspectives

Every child, according to the Montessori preschool programme, is unique. The curriculum employs engaging exercises to help learners enhance their academic ability while also polishing their personalities. This all-encompassing approach to learning allows pupils to develop in all parts of their lives.

3. iPlay Application

Preschoolers thrive on the play, which allows them to develop socially, emotionally, and physically. This is an important part of the Montessori methodology in the best schools in Noida

The Montessori preschools have established an environment in which pupils can interact while learning. They allow kids to choose the style of play they want, whom they want to play with, and how they want to play. During such games, teachers maintain strict control. 

Learners gain information as a result of the process, which instils qualities like management, cooperation, and self-reliance qualities in them.

4. The iCare Programme

One important part of the Montessori method is raising student awareness of the environment and community. It creates activities like charity drives and gardening. Students learn general values such as giving, respect, kindness, and compassion. 

As children participate in community events and interact with others, they learn the value of punctuality, honesty, and integrity. This lays a solid foundation for future character development.

5. The Future Ready Initiative

This programme allows students to begin studying essential topics of the twenty-first century as soon as possible. It employs a hands-on approach to teaching students several disciplines. This encourages pupils’ creativity and critical thinking.


Subjects available include

The Montessori programme covers a wide range of topics. Students have the option of learning English and Hindi. Math, environmental awareness, dancing, and music are also taught at the school. 

STEAM, or Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, are important areas that are also covered in the curriculum. Students also learn controlled and unstructured play.


Criteria for age

There is a certain age at which pupils should enrol in a Montessori school in Noida. The optimum age for pre-nursery is 2.5 years and up. Junior KG/K1 students must be 3.5 years old or older, while senior KG/K2 students must be 4.5 years old or older.


The Global Montessori Program’s “Plus”

The ‘Plus’ in the Global Montessori Plus Program reflects the integration of classic educational theory with current ideas and research. It combines formal learning with cutting-edge technological learning tools. 

This educational technique provides students with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn and develop. To ensure a child’s healthy development, two aspects must be considered: excellent education and an active learning environment. 

The Montessori method combines these two elements into a single rigorous programme that allows for a well-rounded education.


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