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Elite Universities for Best Certification Courses

5 Elite Universities that offer Best Certification Courses for you; An Ultimate Guide! 

People are always in a dilemma about the best certification courses that will get them the highest-paying jobs. 

But, don’t forget, your choices shape your future!

A professional certificate from a well-recognized institution shows your skills and strengths in the respective field & gets you in the eyes of prospective employers.

Do you know there is a pool of regular courses available in the market?

Regardless of its credibility and value, each course program requires a lot of time and effort, sometimes more than the best certification courses offered by elite universities. 

It seems shocking, right? The job market is highly competitive. 

To stand out from the crowd, you should have something unique to offer to your recruiter, such as a professional certificate. 

Such certifications can help you skip the long queue of job-seekers and open doors to financial freedom.

A professional certificate is a golden key; Learn How! 

Your quality of financial situation is directly related to your level of qualifications. A higher number of capabilities improves your quality of economic status in your life. 

A professional certificate can add a star to your resume and open doors to new opportunities of higher-paying positions. 

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Professional certification shows your skills and competency in front of your recruiter and adds a merit badge for your achievements to your resume among all other competitors. 

Not only is it a valuable addition to your resume, but it also connects you directly to the door of higher-paying positions.

Let us look at some of the elite universities offering postgraduate certification programs, with a duration of 6 months, in various business fields such as Marketing, Human Resources Management, and so on.

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List of Top Universities that offer Best Certification Courses

  1. IIT Guwahati

Nobody wants to miss out on being a part of prestigious universities like the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). 

Reason being a part means stepping into the top positions in the business world. 

For all those, who want to be, but couldn’t be a part of such prestigious universities so far, E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati has come up with a 6 months Post Graduate Certification Program by partnering up with Expertrons to make you a part of this incredible IIT community. 

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E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati is among the top 10 business and engineering institutes. In partnership with Expertrons, the institution has rolled out the most in-demand certification program in Marketing and Human Resources.

Perks of the Program – 

  • Getting among the top 3% of industry professionals 
  • Latest Industry Skills 
  • Top industry curricula 
  • Getting on top of any of the recruiting list

An IIT Certification in your resume increases your earning potential by 50%. 

With the help of Expertrons training, you can develop your skills to outshine every other candidate in the room.


With 52+ years of experience, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies always aims to provide the best teaching, infrastructure, and facilities.

With a classic combination of traditional business education & state-of-the-art management techniques, the institute has released its 6 months of certification programs. 

These are available in various streams such as Corporate Communications, IT & Infotech, Operations Management, etc. 

With a well-structured curriculum, these best certification courses allow students to get into top positions and pay well. 

3. IIM

Ranking in the top 10 NIRF rankings, the Indian Institute of Management offers courses in various management disciplines.

With a well-structured curriculum, the government-owned public business school is offering 6 months certification courses with high job opportunities. 

These are available in diverse fields like AFP, entrepreneurship, strategic marketing management, brand management, etc. 

These programs, being offered by this business school of national importance, allow the students to compete in the global market and earn higher pay.

4. University of Delhi

Delhi University is India’s largest university of higher learning, mainly offering full-time UG and PG courses. 

The world’s largest university offers 201 courses through its 86 departments, further subdivided into 16 faculties.

However, apart from these full-time courses, the university also provides 6-month certification courses by collaborating with different colleges and institutes from India and abroad. 

The university offers the best certification courses for a better exposure to the outside world. 

It covers demanding fields such as medical transcription, web designing, animation, financial markets, IT skills, etc.

5. SRM University

The SRM Institute of Science and Technology is an ‘A’ graded university in India, with a four-star rating by the QS Rating. 

The institution is famous for offering various undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral, and certificate courses in diverse, demanding fields.

Apart from the full-time courses, the institution also offers short-term certificate courses for 6 months in different fields such as big data analytics, database systems, and so on.

The Bottom Line

Already known, a professional certification adds a star to your resume and provides you with high-end opportunities to give you a quality life. 

The never-ending market with increasing job seekers leads to exponential growth in fierce competition. 

To cut out this competition, online courses from elite universities allow these people to accomplish their goals of getting a degree while avoiding struggles of traditional methods. 

Universities like IIT know when they can be lucrative and how the demand for such programs are increasing with time!


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