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How to Earn Money with a Messenger Chatbot: A Guide for the Philippines

Looking for a way to earn money? Facebook Messenger chatbots may be the answer. With so many people using Facebook Messenger as their primary method of communicating with businesses, chatbots are becoming increasingly popular.

In the Philippines, people use Facebook a lot, and it’s common to purchase things via Messenger chat. It is therefore a great, cost-effective, and affordable way to sell items or services online using Messenger and chatbots.

Businesses in the Philippines can leverage Facebook and Messenger, two of the most popular social media platforms in the Philippines.

Chatbots can help you earn money in a variety of ways. To avoid any problems, you must understand how they work before implementing one on your website or business. The purpose of this article is to explain how you can earn money with an online Messenger chatbot in the Philippines!

Chatbots are everywhere these days, but sometimes they’re hard to understand.

A chatbot is simply an application that allows you to converse with your customers. They look and behave like people, but they are actually computers. Computers respond as if they were human beings, trying to understand customers’ needs.

Simple Chatbot using BERT and Pytorch: Part 1 | by AI Brewery | Geek Culture | Medium

A modern chatbot tries to understand a person through “natural language” by having a normal-sounding conversation with them. There are many chatbots that aren’t as complicated, but still do the job. In order to get what the person wants, these chatbots rely on keywords and prompts.

The chatbot can respond appropriately regardless of which method it uses to understand the other person. What is the appropriateness? The chatbot’s training depends on you. Your chatbot can also be trained to interact with customers just like your staff.

Almost everything can be done with chatbots these days, including:

  • Take orders online
  • Give recommendations
  • Provide information
  • Book appointments
  • Get information through surveys
  • Answer questions
  • Play games
  • Entertain
  • …and more
Chatbots are already part of our everyday lives, even if we don’t know it yet.

How Can Chatbots Help Me Earn Money?

You may make money using chatbots in a variety of ways. Everything is up to your imagination! However, there are a few extremely well-liked methods for using chatbots to make money.
Here, we’ll outline the top three methods:

Earn Money through Online Sales

Online sales are the most obvious method to use chatbots to make money.

For instance, a chatbot might simply collect orders from clients for you directly from the Facebook Messenger window if your company sells garments online. Your clients won’t have to visit another website or platform in order to make a purchase from you; instead, they may stay on Facebook and communicate with your company there. More possibilities that the buyer would buy from you result from less difficult for them.

The benefits don’t stop there, though. An effective chatbot does more than just handle sales orders. Additionally, you may configure your chatbot to provide suggestions. Your chatbot might respond to queries on how to choose an outfit for a big event or what color to go with various ensembles.

Your chatbot can simply address any inquiries that your clients frequently ask about your items without further assistance from you. There are alternative options if selling online isn’t your thing.

Earn Money by Booking Appointments

Perhaps you provide services. You may work as a doctor, agent, caterer, or anyone who offers grooming services. You won’t have to worry about acquiring consumer data before they’ve confirmed they need your skills because chatbots can take appointments for you with ease.

10 Reasons You Should Offer Online Appointment Scheduling - Small Business Trends

If you own a dental clinic, for instance, your chatbot may quickly schedule appointments for your office. It can do more than just that, though. Yes, your chatbot may collect the name, contact information, and desired timing from your customers. However, it can also gather additional data that will enable you to provide better customer service.

As an illustration, let’s say that your client schedules a dental cleaning appointment. You may ask them how long it’s been since their most recent cleaning using your chatbot. Your chatbot can advise that customers reserve an hour of your time rather than simply 30 minutes if it has been more than six months or a year since their last booking. Do you need to check for braces, allergies to medications, or any other information? That information is simple to obtain for you through your chatbot.

Even better, you can program your chatbot to contact past clients six months after their last appointment to remind them to schedule a dental cleaning. What a display of initiative!

Online shopping and scheduling appointments are not the only options, though.

Earn Money through Products Recommendations

Chatbots can help you make money even if you don’t sell your own goods or services. You may collaborate with those who actually have something to sell so that you can share in the profits when you send them paying clients. By collaborating with others to deliver the service and reaching more people through your chatbot, you may make money through commissions.

For instance, you might design a cute little chatbot to suggest presents for individuals. Christmas, birthdays, marriages, and other special occasions, as well as holidays like Mother’s Day, can all benefit from this.

Your chatbot can first gather information from your consumer about the receiver of the present, who it is for, and other minor details. After that, based on the knowledge they have and the language you’ve taught your chatbot, they can receive suggestions.

Your partner may pay you a commission depending on the transaction if your customer makes any of these purchases as a result of your chatbot’s recommendations!

By doing this, you may get some side cash without having any things to sell. You may continue to make money while your chatbot does the work as long as you keep it updated with the best things to suggest.

Pros and Cons of Chatbots

When it comes to employing chatbots to make money, there are benefits and drawbacks, just as with anything else in life. To make the most effective use of your chatbot, you must be aware of these benefits and drawbacks.

Chatbots are Quick to Respond

Most questions your customers may ask you will be answered by your chatbot faster than most human staff (“hm?” “What are your bestsellers?” “Will this fit a 9-month-old baby?” “Where are your branches located?” “Do you deliver to _____?” “How do I return a defective item?”).

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As a result, the chatbot won’t sleep or use the restroom, and it won’t get distracted by other tasks. Getting an answer to your customer’s question won’t be delayed by staff availability.


Chatbots are becoming increasingly widely used. Particularly in the Philippines, where Facebook usage is quite high. Customers don’t mind and occasionally even prefer texting companies on Messenger to make purchases. Because of this, a chatbot may be utilized to swiftly increase revenue or expand your company.

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