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Is MBA a must to be an HR Manager; Not Really

Is MBA a must to be an HR Manager; Not Really


Are you wondering how to become HR without MBA? Business experts believe that you need 3 Ms of Marketing in order to effectively lead your team & expand your business.


This includes Management, Moderation, and Mindfulness!


We changed up the “‘M’s of marketing” to a new version, only to make you understand why choose HR as a career. Are these ‘M’s enough to become an eligible HR Manager, or do you also need an MBA?


The simple answer to this question is “no”. Pursuing a career in Human Resources is no longer reserved only for MBA candidates who fall in eligibility for HR jobs.




The time has come as a result of the need for better HR professionals across all industries. The role of HR has become highly crucial in today’s business world, and new trends are emerging to attract talented HR professionals. 


To fulfil the need, the training providers have taken a step forward and started offering non-MBA holders HR certification courses with placement


Let’s see how is it possible to get HR job without MBA for our workforce


Job description of an HR manager:

  • Manage Employment Processes
  • Forecasting Labor Demand
  • Balancing Labor Demand With Supply
  • Developing and Implementing a Plan

MBA V/S Domain-Specific Training 


A business degree has many benefits, including the ability to climb the corporate ladder and the necessary knowledge to find success in the world of HR. 


However, general business skills and research methods won’t precisely answer how to become HR without MBA.


HR is an essential function that can’t be left out of your existing team. It generates harmony in the workplace and is responsible for top management recruitment, employee development, and benefits. 


Don’t conclude, Keep scrolling! 


With a focus on domain-specific skills, you will grow your career & be the best version of yourself


Looking for an integrated education with focus on knowledge, skills and competencies required for the HR job profile?


Here’s what you got! 


With a 100% job guarantee* and over 4000+ hiring partners across the country, Expertrons is a top Edtech company that provides HR professionals with soft and domain-specific skills. 


Through in-depth training , this online course with placement focuses on personalised interaction with the aspirant to help them with 1:1 goal setting and career development with dedicated support.


 Inside out of Expertrons PG Certification Program –  


  1. 1:1 Goal-Setting Training and Dedicated Support 
  2. Higher Salary with Soft & Domain Skills Training
  3. 100% Job Guarantee* & Job referrals in 4000+ Hiring Partners
  4. Assured Career Growth with 6000+ Industry Leaders
  5. Latest Industry Knowledge with Industry Capstone Projects
  6. Career Counselling, Mentoring, and Technical Guidance


Click Here: Get certified to build HR skills 5x faster with Expertrons

5 Key Skills to become a successful HR Manager


Know the top 5 skills to master if you want to become a successful HR manager:


  • Management Strategies


It’s up to the HR professional to provide the entire team with a framework bridging people and development practices to achieve deep-rooted business goals. Strategies, planning & execution frame the spine of becoming an HR manager. 


  • Talent-scouting


In 2022’s unemployment climate, you need a thorough understanding of employment and labour laws to hire better employees. HR laws in India advocate for company understanding, hiring requirements and key objectives in candidate selection. 


  • Analytical Skills


HR analytics mainly include:

  • Workforce analytics
  • People Analytics
  • Talent Analytics 


Mastering the three kinds to help the team with critical situations is integral to know how to become HR.


  • Flexibility 


An HR professional needs to answer every call they get. They must adapt to emergencies and solve problems, be it conflicts or internal strife.


  • Communication


Lastly, communication sits at the core of a fluid workplace. An HR manager needs constructive communication between candidates and the company team to affiliate faster, more efficient recruitment.


Knowing the nitty-gritty of how to become HR, here are some HR roles to pursue:

  • HR Team Lead 
  • Talent Acquisition Manager/ Executive 
  • Sr. Human Resource Executive 
  • HR Manager 


Expertrons certitifcation in HR aims at training candidates before guaranteeing them a job. So, they train you with relevant skills in the above-mentioned domains to make you the best candidate without MBA.


However, if you’re still unsure about your skills, explore your career pathway with the awesome learning opportunities now.


Sign up to master HR field & get 100K mins of career hacks for FREE

Final Thoughts:


If you want to be a good manager, or even just a better manager, there are a lot of things that you need to learn when you think about how to become HR.


You can spell HR without an MBA and how to become HR. What really matters is that you have the right mindset and the right skill set.


If you’re good at these two things, the rest comes pretty easily.

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