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Mind-Blowing Tips to Make Custom Burger Boxes This New Year

Burger boxes do not need an introduction. They have been serving the burger business for decades now. Previously they were used just to protect the Burgess from any mishaps so customers can enjoy the burgers in their original form and taste. Over the years the demand for burgers increased and so many other burger brands launched their services to cater to the customer’s needs. Custom burger boxes are now used by brands to separate their products from others in the market. These box such your products apart and make them look amazing so customers are tempted towards buying your burgers. These boxes increase the worth of your burgers and help businesses to make good sales.

Custom burger boxes conceive customers to trust your brand. These boxes are very famous in the packaging industry due to their multiple benefits for the brand. The food industry has a big contribution to the local economy. When you design your boxes attractive, these boxes give your brand a competitive edge over others and help you to impress your audiences. Below we have penned down 8 mind-blowing tips to make custom burger boxes this New Year and generate a heavy number of sales.

Appropriate Size of Custom Burger Boxes

Custom burger box means that the box is going to be specifically made for your burgers only so it should be made up according to the size of your burger. First, measure the burger and then decide how you want to place it in the box and then cut the dimensions of your box to ensure that your burger gets a perfect fit inside its box. Over or undersized boxes not only ruin the burgers but also look unappealing. Such boxes fail to provide protection to your burgers and lead to customers’ disappointment.  You should also pay special attention to the style of the box as it is going to affect the display of your product. Some exclusive styles for your burger boxes include;

  • Tuck end boxes
  • Gable boxes
  • and others
  1. Durable Material

You might be wondering why the material of burger boxes is important to make them look attractive and mind-blowing. Well, the material is one of the most important things in packaging because it not only ensures the safety of your burger but also provides a fabulous medium for printing so you can get the advantage of maximum advertising. Imagine ordering a burger and it comes to you in a ruined or damaged form. Will you go to that brand again? Obviously No, Custom burger boxes with durable materials improve your revenue and goodwill. Famous material options that you might have the interested to look at;

  • Kraft
  • corrugated stock
  • Cardboard

Add Inserts

You can add inserts in your burger boxes to make it convenient for customers to keep sauces and fries handy. Such boxes make customers happy that the brand care about them and they happily come back to such brands to satisfy their burger cravings.

Add Windows

Window panes are a miracle of modern technology. A small portion of the box is cut and replaced with a transparent PVC sheet. The Window panes increase the beauty of the box by up to 50%. A Window panes help customers to see the product before buying. Best Window panes are a proven tactic to showcase the product and build customers’ interest in the product. These boxes increase sales at a rapid pace by capturing all audiences’ attention. Custom burger boxes make customers mouth-water which increases your sales.

Vibrant Colors

Colors can speak and influence the mood of the audience. There is a reason why the creator has made everything in different colors. Colors on your burger boxes are very important because they will turn your brand recognizable easily. for example, if you see yellow and red colors anywhere the first burger brand that comes to your mind will be Macdonald’s. The color on your burger boxes will also make the packaging printing pop out which will attract more audience towards your brand

Designing of Boxes

Design your boxes with attractive and custom-created looks. You can use themes and images related to the New Year or any other events to make your boxes form a connection with the customers. Thematic boxes look stunning and can get sold to us quicker than any other packaging boxes.  Custom French fry boxes with unique design will make your brand achieve heights of success.

Logo and Printing

Printing on your box is very important because it is going to define how your product will be seen in the market. You can use different printing techniques like CYMK and PMS to make the boxes look attractive. Logos are very important for your brand as they build identity. People remember your burger brand by looking at your logo. An attractive and unique logo on your burger boxes will make your product look stunningly memorable and easily recognizable. You can also print product-related information like manufacturing, expiry date to provide customers with all the relevant information which will build your trust in your brand.

Enticing add-Ons

You can use different add-ons and finishing styles like embossing, debossing, spot UV, and others to make your packaging look out of the world. you can add laminations like glossy/matte to make them grease-proof. You can do foil printing on your boxes to give them a regal impact. There are many other tricks to increase the appeal of your burger boxes

Personalize your burger boxes to communicate with your customers. Creativity has no limit and so does customization of your boxes. Customize your burger boxes to bring loyal consumerism to your burger business


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