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5 Steps to a Beautiful, Organised Wooden Wardrobe

When we first got married and set up our own shared space, we had no idea where to start. We knew that the lack of order in our previous apartment was driving us mad, but trying to figure out how to tackle the problem once we had moved into a new house was almost more than we could handle. Our old closet was a tip: not just because it didn’t have very much storage space, but also because it looked like it hadn’t been cleaned or organized in who knows how long. We were so glad that we could finally get rid of all that junk! But while getting rid of stuff certainly helped us feel more relaxed and less cluttered, it didn’t solve the underlying issue: What are some practical ways we could organize the rest of our living space?

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1. Clear out your drawers

You might be surprised to find out exactly how much stuff you’ve got in your drawers. We were, so we cleared off the majority of our drawers and draw-trays and gave them a good clean. We even took the time to thoroughly wipe down the insides, so that the next person who wanted to use the drawer didn’t get a mouthful of dirt and crumbs. If you don’t know what’s in your drawers already, you might be surprised to find out how much you could clear out if you did it. We also found that we had a lot of duplicates in our drawers, so we’d recommend keeping a close eye on this during the reorganization process.

2. Sort and Store

After you’ve cleared out your drawers, it’s time to sort the things you have left into categories so you can start to see what you have and where it is. As well as sorting through your drawers, we’d also recommend sorting through your cupboards, shelves, and draw-trays so that you can put everything where it belongs. If you’ve got a lot of similar things in your house, we’d recommend creating a master list and then using that as a guideline for storage: for example, you might have quite a lot of small cups, but only a few big ones, so you can put the small ones in a cupboard and the big ones can go on a shelf. Also, these things helped you to repair the damaged chimneys.

3. Hang up your clothes

We hang up our clothes in our hallway to help keep them neat and tidy, and it also makes it easier to get them into the washing machine if we’ve got washing on. If you prefer to hang up your clothes yourself, we’d recommend investing in a quality hanger and a few strong, sturdy clothes hangers. It can help to use a system for organizing the hangers: for example, you can group them by type (such as pants, shirts, and jackets) or color. It’s also a good idea to mark the clothes you’ve worn so that you know when it’s time to get them into the washing machine!

4. Create a label system for your handbags and coats

If you’ve got a lot of bags, we’d recommend creating a label system so that you can easily tell apart similar types of bags. We used a tag system and we bought a large pack of labels to help us to do this. You can also label the outside of your bags to help you keep everything straight, but make sure that they’re small enough so that they don’t get ruined when you put them in the bags. We found that writing down which bag each item was in was a great help for this.

5. Organize by type

We all know that certain things tend to get lost in the mess, so it’s worth looking into ways to keep them better organized. For example, if you use different compartments in your drawers for different things, you’re more likely to keep it all together. We’d also recommend making a list of the things in your house that you’re most likely to lose or forget and then putting them in a central place where you’re most likely to see them. We keep ours in a drawer at the front of the coffee table so that we’re constantly reminded of what we need to do.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve really determined to get yourself organized, you’re likely to find that the process is actually quite an enjoyable one. Buy wardrobe online at Craftatoz at a budget price. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’re likely to find that being more organized is actually a lot of fun and relaxing! Having a clean and organized space is hugely beneficial for your mental health and for your relationship with your partner, so you’ll be glad you tackled it once you feel the benefits.

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