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The Best Sony Wireless Subwoofer of 2022

Sony expands its virtualized 3D audio. Its HT-G700 it is it’s a 3.1-channel soundbar. That delivers immersive 3D sound using not one. Two but three competing audio technologies.  That the majority of Dolby Atmos and DTS. X enabled soundbars utilize for height effects the HT700. Emulates the effects of height and surround. Using virtual 3D software available from Dolby dts. Sony itself the HT-G700 makes for an impressive showcase for how far virtualized 3D audio has come in recent years, yet it also betrays its weaknesses, particularly when it comes to Sony’s aggressive–perhaps too aggressive–implementation.

The HT-G700’s price of $500 could sound attractive. Considering its wide array of 3D audio. Capabilities but it’s also lacking one major feature. The wi-fi adapter this means that many. The wireless capabilities we’ve come expect. From soundbars of this price range. Such as multiple room sound airplay 2. Chromecast connectivity directly support streaming. Music services and support for voice assistants–aren’t there.


A alternative to sony’s 2.1-channel soundbar. HT-X9000F the HT-G700 comes with greater power than. The predecessor 400 Watts compared to 300W for. The X9000F and also according the report. From sony an increased sweetspot as well. As a larger subwoofer a brand new. Immersive audio enhancement audio enhancement. Mode which can upmix 5.1 or stereo audio. Into the virtualized 7.1.2 audio the sony HT-G700. An 3.1-channel soundbar that features. The three 45 x 10mm oval shaped cones. Inside the main unit that are used. For the left right center and left channel. The “3” is in “3.1” as well as the wireless subwoofer. Which has 160mm cones for the low frequency.

Effect since the HT-G700 doesn’t have. Those wireless features of its higher. End soundbars it can’t upgrade to a fully fledged 5.1 channel. System that includes a set of wireless. Surround sound speakers that is what. You hear and experience are what will hear.

The HT-G700 can support 3D object-based audio formats like Dolby Atmos or DTS:X however, it’s not able to provide the effects of height with drivers that upfire that bounce sound off of your ceiling (which is an alternative for installing speakers on the ceiling). Instead it utilizes virtualization to fool your. Ears into believing you’re hearing music. Emanating from up above not to mention. Behind or even by the side the soundbar. Actually supports three flavors of immersive. 3D audio virtualization dolby altmos with height. Virtualization technology dts virtual x and Sony’s. Aforementioned immersive ae which employs. A pair of other sony audio technologies. Vertical surround engine for height cues. S force pro for side-to-side. Surround to upmix 5.1 or even 2.0 audio to virtualized 7.1.2 sound.

In general virtual 3D sound effects for heights don’t have the preciseness you’ll get from upfiring drivers (which are, in turn, aren’t as precise and precise as in-ceiling speakers) however, they could also sound harsh and artificial when applied too forcefully. However that, virtual 3D sound can provide a significant advantage over drivers that bounce sound off of the ceiling: the quality of sound isn’t dependent on the kind of ceiling that you’ve got. For the highest quality sound from your upfiring driver,


The Sony HT-G700 requires only a few minutes to install. You can choose between placing it directly in front of your TV , or placing it on the wall below your TV. A wall mounting guide is provided, but there are no screws or brackets. I chose to skip the mounting procedure and just set the soundbar in front of my TV.

After you’ve placed the soundbar exactly where you want it to be simply connect the power cable (there’s no wall wart blocking outlets or power brick, which is a relief) after which you can position and turn on the wireless subwoofer you’ve already paired which will be able to connect to the soundbar by itself (you may also pair the subwoofer manually in case you have a problem with auto-pairing).

As the HT-G700 isn’t equipped with the ability to connect to networks, you’ll need to add it to your Wi-Fi network, an endeavor that (as I’ve observed in various audiobars) can be quite difficult.

The absence access to Wi-Fi makes the HT G700 simple to setup, it also implies that the soundbar does not have a numerous key features, such as multiple-room sound, AirPlay 2 and Chromecast audio casting, as well as the ability to connect directly with streaming services like Spotify and Amazon Music.

Outputs and inputs

The Sony HT-G700 has two HDMI ports. One of them is an HDMI input that’s standard and the other is the HDMI ARC (short for “audio return channel”) port that can support eARC which is the “enhanced” variant of eARC that supports lossless audio formats like Dolby TrueHD or DTS HD Master Audio (you can find out more about the ARC as well as eARC in this article). Apart from HDMI ports, in addition to HDMI ports, you can an Toslink optical digital interface as well as an USB port that is used only to install firmware updates.

The easiest method to connect the HT700 to your TV is to use the previously mentioned HDMI port that lets you keep the various sources of video linked to the TV and transmitting audio to the soundbar via the HDMI cable. When one of the sources is Blu-ray players (either in a standalone model or one which are integrated into PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game consoles) The HT-G700’s support for eARC will allow you to listen to the lossless Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio soundtracks in all their glory, provided your television is also supports eARC, which it is.

Another alternative is to connect an external video source via the soundbar’s only HDMI input, and after that, connect the audiobar with the TV through the HDMI ARC port.

Remote control with integrated buttons

The top of the speaker unit, there are the buttons that are touch-sensitive for input select, power, Bluetooth, and volume up and down. Looking out of the black aluminum grille of the speaker is an LCD with five characters that informs the user (among many other details) the level of the volume as well as the audio signal being detected (Dolby Atmos, DTSX, etc. ) the input selected and so on. It is also possible to change the indicator’s color to dark after a short time which is useful for cutting off visual distractions.

The HT-G700’s lengthy, thin remote, which isn’t lit, isn’t always easy to navigate. The large, circle buttons for volume are easy to spot in dim light (as is the huge power button at the top-right corner) it is difficult to locate the smaller circular buttons without turning on the light.

Twelve identically shaped buttons are placed in two columns with six buttons, each of which includes the mute button as well as the voices and night modes as well as the subwoofer levels buttons.

Virtual 3D models

The Sony HT-G700 is a plethora of features when it comes to the virtual audio engine is concerned. in fact, if you’ve had ever wanted to combine with the 3D virtual audio technologies that comes from Dolby, DTS, and Sony against one another This versatile soundbar offers an ideal opportunity to do it.


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