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Tooth Extraction Dos and Don’ts that you need to Know

Toothache is one of the most common dental procedures. Right?

I am sure you went through the one or have seen someone getting it. Normally the procedure is not very problematic but in fact, having an extraction can help you overcome many dental problems. Your physician based on your dental health can recommend you to either go for the extraction or not.

Yes, whether you require extraction or not. I remember one of my friends who had recurrent infections visited the best dentist in Rawalpindi. Her physician asked her to immediately get an extraction because her teeth got rotten. Though her infection didn’t seem very concerning in the beginning, she needed an extraction. 

Signs that You Need Tooth Extraction

This was only one case, there are many other signs indicating that you should get a tooth extraction. Here are some of these signs:

  • Toothache that never leaves
  • Broken teeth
  • Impacted wisdom tooth
  • Gum disease
  • Occurrence of teeth crowding in your mouth that leaves no space for your other teeth to grow
  • Recurrent oral infections that are infecting your mouth
  • Tooth decay that causes other associated problems
  • Bad breath that doesn’t go away
  • Pain in other relevant areas such as your jaw, mouth, and neck region

Based on these and other important factors your dentist can make a decision as to whether to go for the extraction or not. But I have seen people being scared of the procedure despite the fact that this is not concerning at all. If you are wondering what to do and what to avoid after getting your extraction done, then this is the perfect read for you.

Tooth Extraction Dos and Don’t

Here are some of the dos and don’t of the extraction procedure that you need to be aware of before going for an extraction.

Dos of Tooth Extraction

Cotton Will Stop Bleeding

You can experience bleeding while the extraction is being performed and can stay for some time. The bleeding can even last for some time. The bleeding is generally very bothersome and stops after some time. So, here cotton can help you. All you need to do is to place a cotton ball in the affected area for 40-45 minutes and keep it there. This placement will stop your teeth from bleeding.

Ice Pack for Pain Relief

Just like bleeding, tooth extraction can be a little bit painful. Though not everyone experiences this but many people feel this pain. The impact of pain becomes more notable when the effect of anesthesia starts leaving. So, for quick pain relief, you can try using an ice pack. The application of heat tends to make the affected area numb, which ultimately relieves the pain.

Be Careful While Brushing

Soon after the extraction, you need to be very conscious about brushing your teeth right. You can’t do it like normal brushing because after brushing a blood clot formation occurs in your mouth. This is because when you brush your teeth really hard this tends to dislodge that clot from your mouth thus causing you to bleed again. So, make sure to apply a lighter pressure. 

Don’t of Tooth Extraction

Don’t Smoke

Smoking is bad for all reasons. But smoking after getting the extraction can result in complications. This can result in the formation of dry sockets in the extraction site so make sure to stop smoking until you recover.

Avoid Solids

Consuming solid foods can wreak havoc on your teeth after getting the extraction. This happens because solid consumption can also add pressure on your teeth which will dislodge the blood clot in your mouth. So, make sure to not consume any solid food for at least 24 hours after extraction and even consume liquids using straws.

Don’t Take Aspirin

Aspirin is generally used for pain and inflammation relief. However, in case of a tooth extraction, aspirin can make your problem worse. This happens because aspirin has blood thinning properties. So this will prevent the healing process after extraction and will prolong the recovery process. 

Don’t Poke the Gap

There is a gap formed at the site of extraction. You may have a strong urge to poke this gap but make sure to not do it. This is because it will increase your risk of complications and is harmful to the area. Even people use toothpicks to poke this space and end up causing problems. So, for an early recovery, make sure to not unnecessarily poke this gap using your tongue or toothpick.

Bottom Line!

Tooth extraction is often hyped up. But the procedure is not really painful and problematic if you take care of your oral health during or after the procedure. All these tips can help to protect your extraction site. However, as soon as you experience something bothersome such as pain or bleeding, make sure to immediately contact your dentist. 

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