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Top Three Advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Learning

Top Three Advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Learning
Top Three Advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Learning

Distance learning is a field that is getting a lot of attention today. A lot of students prefer the distance mode of learning over traditional learning. While many believe that the former is better than the later, it is still a topic of hot discussion.

So, today we will talk both about the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning.

Distance learning might or might not be beneficial based on students’ situations and learning levels. So here are all the pros and cons of it to help you make up your mind:-

Advantages of distance learning

1) Fewer fees

The fees for student’s education are relatively high. Whether private schools or top universities, their prices are so high that students end up taking loans. Although many keep this as an option, others do not like this means of education.

Students who want to complete their education at low fees can opt for distance learning. Through distance learning, one also gets the same degree but at a lesser cost. ‘

You will hear many rumors stating that a distance learning degree is less valued. We have to clear the air by saying that it is the grades that matter the most.

2) Convenient schedule

The biggest reason students dislike traditional forms of learning is due to the timetable. Regular schools and universities run up their classes from morning till evening, draining students’ energy. This is not the case with distance learning. In distance learning, students have the option of taking their classes in their own convenient time.

Most of the online distance courses are pre-recorded, which students can get back to whenever they feel desire. This is a good practice as it allows students to use their time productively. With this method, students are not forced to learn and can choose their active time to study.

A good schedule allows students to look on sample dissertation, study, eat, sleep and manage all their other activities in an orderly manner.

3) No extra cost

And how can we forget to mention that the costs involved with distance learning are lower in every aspect. With distance learning there are no travelling cost, accommodation cost, food costs, etc. All this means that the only thing which students require is their laptop and a stable connection.

Students can enjoy learning at their convenience while staying at home. This is the best way of studying without paying excess money. For instance, one has to pay only for their education, which is how it should be.

So those were all the advantages of distance learning. The correct learning style allows one to learn everything in class without relying on dissertating consulting services or assignment help from outside sources. With all these points it might look that no disadvantages can be more significant than its benefits. But keep that hold on thought, and let’s see some of the side effects of distance learning:-

Disadvantages of distant learning

To keep it short, lets dive into the disadvantages of distant learning: –

1) Technology can be a barrier

With distant learning one must opt for online classes. While the online mode of learning is taking over students, those who are technologically challenged can face a backlash. Not everyone has access to laptops, computers, and an unlimited network. This stand as a huge issue for rural students as the cost of maintaining all this became impossible.

Not only one has to be advanced in technology, but it also leads to high cost maintenance. For example, although the classes require a very basic knowledge to run, specific issues might arise, and a student who does not know how to deal with it might miss out their whole session.

Thus, students who are not very acquainted with technology might choose books and pens over laptops and Wi-Fi.

2) No classroom skills require

No matter how much you hate it, there are a lot of essential skills that one learns in classes. In addition, some of the critical soft skills that one learns in their entire life comes from the classroom. These include being responsible, team working skills, leadership skills, social interaction skills, etc. All these are some vital skills that one carries throughout their life.

Even while working in a company, you will need these skills to prove your abilities. Many of the people get their jobs or get promotions based on these skills because a degree can only guarantee your job selection.

Students who opt for distant online classes do not feel like a normal learning experience. This can make them think differently or feel lonely. This impacts them leading to be less socially active and can also affect their entire personality.

3) Highly distracting

And the biggest disadvantage is that online classes at times can be highly distracting. With online classes and network, there can be so many unnecessary notifications that pop up. Also, you can get notifications from your social accounts which can deviate your mind to somewhere else.

Also, not having the right kind of network, leads the class to get lagged which is another kind of distraction that students face. All these can hamper a student’s study time leading to unproductively.

There have been so many issuance stat students switch off their cameras in class and do something else. This affects their study routine and their academic grades. Getting distracted in online courses is very easy, so there is need to administer discipline and look after.

These were some of the major advantages and disadvantages of distance learning. Just like everything else, distant education has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you ask us, anyone careful with the learning process and where they choose to learn from, can easily overshadow the negative side. But again it varies from person to person.

So now that you who about its positive and negative aspects, you can make up your mind to decide if distance learning is your cup of tea or not.

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