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what are different Stock Markets-The Detail Guide

Auction Markets

Auction markets are where sellers and buyers are pair on the basis of the lowest price a seller is willing to pay for shares of their stock, and the most price the buyer will pay.

When the two figures match each other, a transaction can be made between the seller and the buyer. The two pairs that match are then put together and purchase and sell orders are then execute.

As an example, suppose two sellers try to offer shares from company X at a price of $10 and another for $10.50. While at the same time two buyers try to purchase shares from Company X, one for $11 and the other for $10.50. The buyer and seller who offer $10.50 are in a partnership at the present, and at this point, the current price of the shares is $10.50.

It is the New York Stock Exchange is the perfect example of an auction marketplace. The exchange facilitates the combination of sellers and buyers to create the most efficient process as is possible, and avoid directly negotiating between sellers and buyers.

Electronic Trading

Electronic trading makes use of the internet to enable individuals to connect to an exchange or even an ECN.

The technique gained popularity in the 90s and quickly replaced a lot of the floor and telephone trading which used to take place.

Electronic trading has many benefits over conventional trading, for example, the ability to be conducted remotely, which means there’s no requirement for brokers to be physically present on an exchange.

It’s speedy, stocks can be purchased and sold quickly. Trading on the internet is also less costly than traditional trading methods. These savings could be pass onto investors as individuals by offering low-cost or no-cost trading.


The over-the-counter (OTC) shares are typically low-cost and are provided by small-sized companies which trade outside of conventional stock markets. Since they do not have to pay to be list on major exchanges, companies are able to lower their stock prices which helps draw in investors.

OTC stocks, also know as penny stocks are trade on an array of dealers and brokers outside the major exchanges consequently, they are refer to as being “unlist.”

Investors who wish to exchange OTC stocks still have to work with brokers. Brokers might charge higher fees to trade OTC stocks than list stocks, and transactions could take longer than transactions that are through exchanges.

Contrary to large exchanges that file reports with the SEC However, some OTC businesses may not be require to submit any audited financial reports. This means that OTC stocks could require additional analysis and due diligence prior to purchasing.

Prog Stock

Prog Stock is a biotechnology company. The company is engage in the creation of and commercialization of molecular testing solutions. However, the company transforms discoveries into precision medicine by the creation of diagnostic and therapeutic platforms that are based on genomics, biochemistry, and proteomics.

The company also earns its revenue through laboratory tests for molecular analysis that originate from the sales of tests for Innatal, Prepared, and pathology molecular tests. The company was establish in the year 2010 and is situate in San Diego, California.

The Nasdaq

The Automated National Association of Securities Dealers Quote System, also known as Nasdaq is an online-only stock exchange. It is the second-largest exchange in terms of market capitalization which is the measure of the value in dollars of the stocks that are trade there.

A lot of tech companies are list on Nasdaq and, since it charges lower fees to list than NYSE It is also the place where businesses with very little or no revenue can list their stocks first.

For example, biotech firms that are still in the development phase could choose to list their company on Nasdaq because of their lower fees and more relaxed criteria for listing.

Nasdaq was founded in 1971. Nasdaq was find on the 21st of July, 1971. It was create in 1971 by the National Association of Securities Details (NASD) as the first electronic market worldwide. In the beginning, the newly created Nasdaq could not perform trades. It was instead an intermediary of OTC trading. Later, it added automated trading and was the first exchange to provide online trading.

Other US Exchanges

The NYSE American previously called The American Stock Exchange (AMEX) was at one time the third biggest exchange within the U.S. The members of the exchange were initially know by the name of “curbstone brokers” since they trade on the streets just in front of the NYSE.

In the past, it has attracted smaller firms from new industries that may never have fulfill the standards to be list with the NYSE. It has also served as an important market for specific investment options, like choices as well as Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs).

The Takeaway

It’s helpful to know how stock exchanges operate for you to become an experienced investor. When you are aware of the various stock exchanges and their regulations, you will be able to comprehend the market. This information can assist you in making decisions about investments that range from investing in huge stocks traded via either the NYSE or Nasdaq to trading in penny stocks over the counter.

If you’re looking to begin buying and selling shares that trade on NYSE and Nasdaq SoFi can assist you. With the SoFi app, you are able to begin selling stocks ETFs, or fractional shares without commissions, for as low as $5. All you need to do is sign up for an account with SoFi Invest(r) online brokerage account.

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