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What is the World’s Most Expensive Sushi Restaurant?

Sushi originally a Japanese dish, gained a lot of popularity around the world. And people from all countries started to enjoy this dish whenever they get the chance. People can get Sushi for different prices ranging from 10$ to 100$ and. That is why it is very common for people to question. Which is the most expensive type of Sushi that they can eat and what are the most expensive places to eat Sushi across the globe. 

Well to date the most expensive sushi was created in 2010. It costs around 2000$ as the Sushi was covered with gold leaves and diamonds. Sounds Unbelievable? Right, but this fact is completely correct, however. This was a one-time experience and right now there are many places that provide expensive sushi. The most expensive place in the work right now for Sushi is the Omakase Dinner which is a part of the menu of Masa Restaurant in New York. 

So, let’s read about the most expensive places where you can enjoy Sushi and get all you fan eat sushi experience once in your life. 

The most expensive and luxurious Sushi Places in the world

  • Karat-Chef Gold Nigiri Sushi

Have you ever dreamed of eating gold-covered Sushi and felt like it is unachievable? Well, allow me to tell you that there has been Sushi prepared with Gold plating by Chef Angelito Araneta jr. in 2010. Araneta has been often called the Karat Chef. He is very famous for creating gold dishes and this Sushi was also a dish made by him for a one-time experience. 

  • Masa’s Omakase Dinner

The Masa restaurant in New York is famous for having the finest, most expensive, and most wonderful Sushi that you can get. Any Sushi at the place will cost you almost 650$. Which is more than any other place where you will buy Sushi and the reason for this is the exclusiveness of Chef Masa. 

  • Hashiri’s chef’s table Omakase

Dining and enjoying your favorite dishes at a Chef’s table is the dream of many people however, this table is very difficult to secure. These tables are often reserved for famous chefs and other high-profile people and. That is why it is impossible for people to get a plane on these tables. However, Hashiri allows people to make this dream a reality and you can get Sushi at this restaurant for 500$. 

  • Sushi Ginza Onodera’s Kiwami Dinner

Located in New York, this place is very famous for the rich variety of Sushi that they provide. The place is very famous for the exclusive menu that it has and the cost of Sushi that they provide. You need to spend around 450$ from your purse. If you ever make the plan to eat Sushi at this place, however. We can tell you that there is no reason for you to not visit. If you can afford it as you will forever remember the taste of the Sushi that you will eat here. 

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