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When you can change UVC Germicidal Lamps


I hope you learned about the best way to change your UV light. Remember to pay attention to your lights and how much time they

UVC Germicidal Lamps: How often should they be changed?

Installing a UV light in your air conditioning system has many benefits. But how does the UV light work once it’s install? If you have UV light bulbs, how often should they be changed? Is it worth waiting until they burn out?

These are all valid questions that we often receive from homeowners. Read this post to learn everything you need to understand about cleaning your home’s air.


How Often Should I Change My UVC, Germicidal Lamp?

It is preferable to replace UV lights once every few months. A UV light can last 9,000 hours on average. Based on this, the light should last 375 days before needing to be replaced. You have a little wiggle room if you neglect to arrange a replacement light in the time since the light lasts about a year and seven days.

However, it is always advisable to have an additional light on hand or to schedule another light a month before the old one expires. You will never again be protected from any microbiologically harmful substances in your water after the 9,000 hours have passed. If the UV light runs out, you will just be passing water through a glass container.

When you replace your UV light, you should also upgrade the UV framework’s o-rings. Using an O-ring ensures that there will be no release of water into the seal will be watertight. However, they will eventually weaken and degrade after some time. If you replace your light, you should replace the O-rings to ensure that water cannot escape and damage the electrical components.

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What are the reasons for replacing UV lights with infrared lights?

UV lights have germicidal properties due to mercury. A UV light contains mercury dots that form electrically charged circular segments in the water to purify it. A warm surface causes Mercury to emit UV-C light. In addition to producing germicidal frequencies, UV radiation also kills microbes. Microorganisms cannot reproduce when exposed to UV-C beams. Water microorganisms die when exposed to the UV light’s mercury-filled bright light.


As warmth circulates over the mercury for 9,000 hours, the UV lights will gradually exhaust the mercury. A 9,0z00-hour period will cause the mercury’s viability to diminish, and the light will no longer be able to illuminate water microbes.

There are hardly any amounts of mercury in UV lights, although mercury is hazardous at significant levels. There is no legitimate way for mercury to enter the water, and it does not threaten human health. The disposal of UV lights is also safe, as opposed to mercury disposal, which can have adverse ecological effects. It is possible to reuse UV lights in the same way that other types of lights can.

In this way, mercury could be rescued and reused in various ways. It is even required in a few states that UV bulbs return to service after they are no longer necessary. Look for light reusing drop-offs at your local home improvement stores. The majority of manufacturers offer mail-back packs if that is not possible.

Where to Get the UC Germidical Lights:

With Darkless LED, you can get the UC Germicidal Lights directly from their manufacturer, and you can also purchase them in bulk if you speak with their customer service. They also have many special offers so you can save on shipping.

The Darkless LED company is a Chinese LED supplier factory that manufactures various kinds of LED lamps, bulbs, and LED bulbs. At the most affordable possible price, they offer a wide selection of the best-LED bulbs on the market.

You will have a limited warranty on the UV lamp depending on the type you buy and how long it has been since you got it.


I hope you learned about the best way to change your UV light. Remember to pay attention to your lights and how much time they are going to be in the future. There is a lot to learn about UV Lamps, including how often they should be replaced and pre-purchase precautions. It is important to replace UV lamps on an annual basis to ensure that your water filter lasts as long as possible. Choosing the right UV lamps for your system is essential when purchasing UV lamps.

Other businesses may try to sell you their used lamps instead of genuine ones. This is a big mistake, since old UV lamps may have defects and leak water into your air conditioning systems. There are several reasons why UVC lamps should be replaced after 9,000 hours of service. If you do not adhere to this precautionary measure, you will eventually clog up your system with bio-matter. Feel Free to share your thoughts in the comment sections.



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