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Which Hair Extension Is Best Suited For You?

There are several tips from experts which explain the types of hair extensions and which one best suits you. The women of today have become fond of hair transformation. They are becoming more aware of their various categories and usability. The market is full of companies that offer different types of hair extensions. Hair packaging boxes play an important role in choosing the right product for you. The details printed on the packaging guide the customers about the various features of hair extensions. This facilitates them in selecting the best products on the basis of their requirements. Hair packaging boxes usually come with transparent windows so that customers can view the color prior to purchase. In order to choose one of the best hair extensions, you need to analyze its various types based on your suitability.

Tape-in hair extensions:

Most people prefer tape-in hair extensions because it is a 100% natural method and does not require any tool or chemical. Tape-in hair extensions are like things with tape wefts. They are 1-inch wide and can be easily “taped-in” between your natural hair, making a bond. The hair is reusable and can last up to three months. If you have thin strands of hair with a short length, tape-in hair extensions are best to use. Long and sleek custom hair extension boxes are used for tape-in hair extensions to retain their quality.

Bulk hair extensions

Bulk hair extensions are used when you need to deal with a bundle of hair with no weft. Loose hair is used in this method. You can get a large volume by using a braid style or Brazilian knotting techniques. Bulk hair is often sold to clients who wish to use loose hair to create their own weft hair extensions. The hair packaging boxes are usually designed in the form of sleeves or pull-outs to easily accommodate the bulk of hair.

Clip-in hair extensions:

Clip-in hair extensions can be easily applied and matched to your own hair. They give you long hair, lowlights, highlights, or increased volume. Clip-in hair extensions come in one or various pieces of different lengths. The option is perfect for those who do not want to get permanent hair extensions and want to try something new after some time. As clip-in hair extensions usually come in long strands of different colors, so printed hair extension boxes are designed long in shape to accommodate the product.

Wefted hair extensions:

Here, a machine is use to apply or weft artificial hair onto the human hair. A triple-head sewing machine is used to attach loose hair to the hair roots of every individual strand. The process is a bit complicated. The hair is fold again and stitched to get finely wefted extensions. The method is good for those who want to get hair extensions for a long period of time.

Fusion hair extensions

These are the most versatile hair extensions. They are long-lasting and non-damaging. Fusion extensions can last up to 6 months. It is a simple way to achieve long, natural-looking hair for any hair type. They are tip with keratin glue, which is perfectly safe to use. Your hair is divided into different sections and the extensions are glue to your hair. Fusion hair extensions need to be maintain on a regular basis. They should be removed and reinstalled every 2-3 months.

Hair extensions which suit you the best:

After getting knowledge about a variety of hair extensions, it becomes easier for you to find the one which best suits your requirements. There are several other factors as well as guidelines you must follow throughout the process. Analyzing your hair, scalp, and lifestyle can help you choose the best product for you. The following tips will help you in this regard:

Consider the period of hair extension durability:

Before choosing hair extensions, it is necessary to consider their durability. You should be clear whether you want them on a temporary basis or for a long time. Short-period hair extensions may last for a month or two, while others may last for 6 months. The most durable option can last more than a year. Seek guidance from an expert to find the perfect match for your hair. Sometimes the packaging for hair extensions can also guide you about its durability and time period.

Color is significant:

Finding the right color is important to get a beautiful natural look. View your hair color in daylight. Do not look at the hair from the roots; rather, consider a few inches below the top. It’s the actual color you want. Some of the most common colors of hair extensions are jet black, off black, mocha brown, chocolate brown, or dark brown. Printed hair extension boxes also specify the color to facilitate the customer’s decision.

Know your hair texture:

Every individual is bless with a different hair texture. Choosing the hair extension that matches your texture is a critical task. For it, make a note of your hair. If they are straight, it’s the simplest hair texture ever. It is easy to go into any style and maintain it. You have a number of hair extension options for straight hair, like you can use clip-in, tape-in, or fusion hair extensions. The second type of texture is wavy. Wavy hair has natural-looking loose curls. The hair is in between straight and curly, making it a happy medium for hair extensions. The last one is with curly hair. They are tighter than wavy and give an “s” or “z” shaped texture. Bulk hair extensions with a curly texture are usually recommend for such hair.

The thickness of hair matters:

Depending upon the volume of your natural hair, you can choose the thickness of your required hair extensions. Usually, custom hair extension boxes are available in 100g, 150g, or 200 g. A 100g set is best for thin hair volume. For medium to thick hair, a 150 g set is recommend for medium to thick hair, and a 200 g set for hair with large volume. Working on all these aspects helps you finalize the hair extensions that best suit you!


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